An experimental research project of the College of Education,
the Museum of Education seeks to preserve, transmit, rectify, and expand
our understanding of educational life in South Carolina and the United States.

The "official" University of South Carolina Museum of Education website
can be reached through this Museum web portal.

This site serves as a satellite website
for the presentation, exclusively, of Museum web exhibitions.


Dr. Toby Jenkins-Henry serves as Director of the Museum of Education.
This website is maintained by Dr. Craig Kridel, Curator Emeritus of the Museum of Education.

The Museum of Education is recognized locally, regionally, and nationally with its innovative programming, facility, and web-presence. The Museum of Education has designed web exhibitions so that its patrons may enjoy its presentations without necessarily traveling to Columbia. The intent of the Museum is to disseminate it exhibitions as widely as possible so that patrons in various locals may be informed of various historical topics. A member of the International Sites of Conscience, the Museum of Education was opened to the public on September 30, 1977.

The objectives of the Museum of Education include (1) researching and staging exhibitions-programs for the College of Education, members of the university community, and the general public, (2) establishing and overseeing a “pedagogical space” where students and faculty may experience a thoughtful research university environment, and (3) serving as an experimental project of the College of Education and articulating through its programs and projects the significant role of social justice, integrity, intellectual spirit, and stewardship for today’s educator.

Web-exhibitions (notably, the Secondary School Study and the John Dewey Film exhibit) have received recognition from throughout the United States, and Museum research and activities have been presented and reported at the American Education Research Association, the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development, the International Standing Committee on the History of Education Conference, the Organization of Educational Historians, the American History of Education Society, the Southern History of Education Society, and on South Carolina Educational Radio’s Speaking of Schools program. The Museum has prepared regular columns for Educational Leadership and the Journal of Curriculum Theorizing and has provided archival documents for the History of Education Society Journal and the Society of Professors of Education. The curator maintains an active web exhibition program with new displays and exhibits announced to the College of Education and to national organizations—AERA, John Dewey Society, History of Education Society. At the national level, the Museum of Education’s websites are used by faculty for instructional purposes, and a Museum distribution list of over 100 leading educational historians is informed of certain events and programs.


an institutional member of the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience