The Museum of Education is pleased to release its Secondary School Study narratives publication, Becoming an African American Progressive Educator: Narratives from 1940s Black Progressive High Schools.
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“Resurrecting significant and lost voices of educators Miss Prim, Miss Parker, Mrs. Thomas, and graduating seniors Sarah and Herbert, this edited collection of rich narratives and creative nonfiction portrays elegantly what it meant to ‘become’ an African American progressive educator in the South in the 1940s and 1950s, animated by educators committed at once to equity, excellence, building character, and preparing students immersed in life journeys littered with racism.” Michelle Fine, Distinguished Professor of Critical Psychology and Women’s Studies, City University of New York

Becoming an African American Progressive Educator: Narratives from 1940s Black Progressive High Schools

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The Museum of Education’s publications are distributed freely, through grants from the Spencer Foundation and the Daniel Tanner Foundation, in order to disseminate information about the Secondary School Study to its participants (and their families), to local communities of the participating schools, and to interested educators and researchers.

Progressive Education in Black High Schools:
The Secondary School Study, 1940-1946
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